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For Employees

Q: I am interested in a position advertised by Charles Foster. How do I apply with your company?

A: In order to be considered for positions through Charles Foster, you must first be registered. Please email your resume in a WORD document so that it can be reviewed by a Charles Foster Placement Consultant. If your experience matches the available position, you will be asked to come into the office to complete an application, skills testing and interview.


Q: Why must I send my resume in a WORD document? What if I don't have access to email?

A: Sending your resume in a WORD document allows us to enter it into our electronic database for easy access. This is also helpful because most clients prefer that we email candidates resumes for consideration of available positions. If you do not have access to email, Kinko's, Office Depot and other services will be able to send it in the proper format. As a last resort, you may fax a copy of your resume to (843) 576-0000.


Q: Who pays the recruiting fee for your services?

A: All recruiting fees are paid by our client companies. We do not charge a fee of the candidate for our services.


Q: I'm not happy with your testing system. It might keep me from getting an assignment. Do you offer services to improve my scores?

A: Yes! We offer tutorial sessions to help improve your test scores. Simply inform the receptionist that you are interested in taking a tutorial. These sessions can be completed in the convenience of your home or any location which has internet capabilities. You may then return to the office and retest.
www.typingtest.com is a free online website to improve your typing speed.
The Charleston County Public Library offers free basic computer classes including Word, Excel, Database and PowerPoint. Please visit www.ccpl.org/default.asp for specific dates and times.


Q: I have registered for a temp position with CF but have not received a call from a consultant in a while. Am I still active?

A: It is helpful if you stay in touch with Charles Foster regarding your availability on a regular basis. Alerting the receptionist to any changes in your schedule and availability will help us better serve you. Please notify the office if you have accepted another position and no longer need our services.


For Employers

Q: Does Charles Foster Company have a South Carolina Employment Agency license issued by the SC Secretary of State's office?

A: Yes. All permanent placement recruiting firms located in South Carolina must have a license. To find out if an agency has a license, contact Doug Renew at 803.734.1728. Employment agencies operating without a license will be contacted by the South Carolina Secretary of State's office immediately.


Q: How is Charles Foster different from other placement agencies?

A: Charles Foster is a local, woman owned small business that has been serving the Lowcountry from our office in Charleston since 1969. We are the premier source for semi-professional and professional personnel in the Trident area. We have specialized departments that recruit for Admin/Clerical, Accounting/Finance, Engineering, Information Technology, as well as Human Resource Professionals. Our recruiters are certified or in the process of becoming certified.


Q: How long does it take to find a candidate once I place a job order?

A: Charles Foster has built its reputation on locating the most qualified candidates to fit your personnel needs and company atmosphere. We specialize in Temp, Temp- to- Hire and Direct placements. We have an extensive database of skilled candidates and are able to accommodate your immediate staffing needs. If your position requires special experience or qualifications, Charles Foster will recruit the very best professional to meet the needs of your company.


Q: I'm looking for an executive in the six-figure income range. Can you help me?

A: CF has a Department dedicated exclusively to executive placements and is staffed with professional recruiters who have industry specific specialties.


Q: I want to reward or praise the temporary employee just like I handle my staff employees. Can I do this?

A: Absolutely - Simply inform us of your intentions prior to taking action.


Q: How do I discipline my Temporary employee?

A: Let us know of the problem and how you would like it to be handled. As the employer of the Temp, we will handle any disciplinary action for you including dismissal if that is what is required.


Q: Why is a CPA or CSP more valuable than an individual who probably could do the same job?

A: CPC's, CSP's and CTS's have taken the extra step to provide their clients with "leading edge" expertise, making their services even more valuable in an ever-changing market. This designation is the industry's badge of professionalism and seal of excellence. It is recognized as the industry's highest standard, and it is the public's assurance of quality service.


Q: Exactly what are the "extra steps" associated with Certification?

A: Knowledge of current employment laws and procedures, as well as business operations and ethics; Education continues after an all-inclusive exam is taken and passed. Certified professionals must also agree to participate in mandatory continuing education, at least 50 hours every three years to keep current with changes in laws and regulations, Experience of at least two years in the profession, Service of the highest quality to meet the needs of both candidate and company, Ethics by adhering to NAPS Standards of Ethical Practices, Commitment, Credibility and Dedication to the Industry.