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Introducing: P.A.P. e-Newsletter

Welcome to the very first edition of our regularly published P.A.P. e-newsletter! Inside you will find lots of new updates concerning job availability, staffing solutions and industry specific information all geared towards the Charleston community.  As your certified staffing experts, we look forward to creating an open exchange of information to help you make the best decisions regarding your staffing needs!


P.A.P. March Issue

Recently a report was written that said there are approximately 11 job seekers per 1 job opening.  So, why are employers still having a hard time finding qualified candidates?  Well, to find qualified candidates it’s important to ask yourself:

(1) Have you clearly defined the education requirements and experience necessary for this position?

If your open position requires 15 years of experience in sales and marketing efforts, make sure you highlight an acceptable industry. Would someone with 15 years of waitressing qualify? After all, waiting tables is a sales effort.

(2) Are you placing this job advertisment in relevant places?

If you’re searching for an individual with executive level hospitality experience on, you probably won’t have much luck finding someone to match your qualifications! Likewise, if you’re looking for someone with prior military experience, make sure to contact veteran support services and advertise with them.  Sometimes you have to go past and

(3) Conduct phone interviews!

One way to really cut down on the amount of time spent in the interviewing cycle is to include a quick phone interview. While you may spend 20 minutes face-to-face with a candidate, only to find out that they are not the right fit for your company, a phone interview can take only 5 minutes. Even if this person will never answer a phone in your office, you will at least get some idea about their professional attitude and etiquette. And, you can discuss in greater details their qualifications and experience.

By including these simple steps in your next candidate search, you should find that you are receiving more qualified resumes and saving time manuevering through the interview process. However, should hiring someone prove to be all too consuming and overwhelming…that’s when you give us a call!